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Behind every evening news broadcast, football game, or new television series, there’s a videographer managing the camera equipment and orchestrating the filming process. Videographers work primarily with electronic media rather than film, and are instrumental to the operation of complex camera equipment.

Frequently asked questions
Videography is the craft of capturing video images to be used in electronic media and streaming media. Those images can be collected in different mediums: videotape, direct to disk recording, and solid-state drive storage. The term refers to the production of the images and the method of editing them in post-production. In the era of widespread user-friendly consumer products producing and editing videos, just about anyone with rudimentary digital skills can become a de facto videographer. The videographer will have a deeper understanding of elements like camera operation, lighting, and enhanced editing techniques at the professional level. Additionally, a professional videographer will know how to listen to a client’s needs and produce a piece that addresses the project’s requirements.