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User interface design is concerned with customizing the elements of an application that a user interacts with. As more companies rely on web applications to streamline their website’s usability, the field of UI design is now an important part of a web application development lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions
User interface (UI) is an array of icons, buttons, cursors, and other assistive navigation and function tools found on screens of a computer system at the user interaction level. A strong UI makes it easy for users, usually customers or clients, to interact and engage with a product or service on a business’s website, mobile app, vending kiosk, or e-commerce page. UI design is the process of fulfilling these needs by creating a meaningful and intelligible digital construction for those environments. Effective UI design focuses on providing complete control over a user’s encounter from the moment they click onto a website until clicking away, incorporating buttons and cursors that are easy to understand and use to simplify actions like launching an order, backing out of an order, or refreshing the screen.