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Without good technical writing, businesses don’t live up to their fullest potential. Technical writers work as translators between organizations and their audiences, creating user manuals, reports, and supporting literature that outlines new products, services, and technologies.

Frequently asked questions
Technical writing simplifies complex information about a technical subject for people who have to accomplish a task or goal. Traditionally this meant writing user manuals for software and hardware, but now you will find technical writing in web pages, help files, social media sites, or code repositories. A common technical writing topic is computer applications, used to guide new users through the process of using the software to accomplish their tasks. Technical writers also document medical procedures in educational documents, articles, and marketing copy. In fact, technical writing applies to any type of text that provides instructions on how to do something. You will find technical writing in other places, including the aerospace industry, finance, engineering, biotech, energy, and more.