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Tai Chi is a total mind and body practice. This ancient Chinese martial art is the practice of channeling internal energy into different physical sequences that boost balance, improve muscle tone, and calm the mind.

Frequently asked questions
Tai Chi is a low-impact form of physical activity that involves the practice of various postures through slow, deliberate, and constant circular movements accompanied by deep breathing. This non-competitive exercise originated in ancient China as a martial art, but some people practice it for its meditation benefits. Tai Chi helps vital energy, known as chi, to flow properly. The benefits of practicing Tai Chi include improved balance, posture, flexibility, strength, and breathing. Tai Chi may also strengthen the immune system, help relieve pain, and lead to improved mental health. Some people who practice Tai Chi may notice weight loss, improved sleep, or decreased arthritic pain. There are five main styles of Tai Chi, each one incorporating slow movements, but some add in micro-movements or faster movements, such as kicking and punching.