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A supply chain is the network of suppliers and dealers that make a business possible. Even if you make your product in-house, understanding the basics of supply chain management is an essential business skill. Good supply chain management strategies increase in importance as a business grows larger, and serves a larger audience.

Frequently asked questions
A supply chain is the movement of materials and unfinished goods that transform raw materials into a finished product that people can use. A supply chain can be short and local — for example, a nearby farmer selling produce at a farmer’s market. But many modern supply chains are long and complex, especially when it comes to consumer products such as electronics, furniture, and cars. Complex supply chains might involve raw materials from all over the world that are sent to storage facilities before arriving at manufacturing plants, where products are built and assembled. Once they’re made, products are shipped to warehouses around the world to be delivered to the consumers. Modern supply chains are designed to fulfill different roles depending on the product and customer expectations, from long-term purchase contracts to same-day delivery services. They’re also designed to quickly handle product returns to ensure consumers are satisfied with the return process while minimizing costs.