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As a data analyst, few skills are as important as a solid understanding of statistics. Whether you’re interested in applying concepts like probability to tricky business applications, or learning the R programming language for doing statistical computing, Udemy has a course for you.

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Statistics is emerging as a key discipline for businesses looking to better navigate a complicated landscape. When businesses take into account statistical evidence for their market influence and success, they make smarter, more efficient plans for the future. Statistical analysis takes the guesswork out of crucial decision making.

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Statistics is an important decision-making tool in the everyday world. It represents the branch of applied mathematics concerned with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting empirical data. Empirical data involves the facts and figures assembled and used to answer questions about a group. Statistics relies on the theory of mathematical and computational tools to infer conclusions from qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data provides names or labels for categories of similar items—quantitative data measures how much of something there is. Characteristics of individual members of a group are the variables of the study. Statistical methods focus on concluding large groups, called populations, based on information obtained from observations made in small samples from that population.