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Whether you’re a data analyst interested in learning about clustering or visualizing data with Splunk, or you simply need an introduction to how Splunk’s suite of tools can shore up your business’ information security, Udemy has a course for you.

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Big data analysis informs big business decisions. Splunk, with its web-style user interface, easily searches, indexes, and visualizes data gathered from applications and websites. Splunk’s analytics tools can also be used for infrastructure security and customer compliance audits.

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Splunk is a cloud-based data platform designed to help enterprises clean, index, and sort through large volumes of machine-generated data to reveal insights hidden in the numbers. It helps companies manage big data and discover patterns without digging through the raw, unformatted numbers. Splunk allows the business to bring in data from various sources and does the hard work of formatting it, making it much quicker to review the data.