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SOLIDWORKS software is a popular tool for product designers and mechanical engineers everywhere. The SOLIDWORKS suite allows you to fully design 3D products and schematics and conduct motion studies of the virtual prototypes. With SOLIDWORKS training on Udemy, top rated instructors can teach you how to utilize this powerful software suite to its full potential.

Frequently asked questions
SOLIDWORKS is a computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) program. SOLIDWORKS specializes in creating 3D models of solid objects like metal parts, plastic components, and 3D-printed objects. Designers and engineers use SOLIDWORKS to create component designs and simulate how different components move and fit together. This ensures that the final product design works exactly as intended. In addition, engineers can use SOLIDWORKS to test how a product will perform over its lifecycle. Designers also use SOLIDWORKS to manage complex projects involving large teams. As many designers submit their individual contributions, project managers use SOLIDWORKS to combine many components and ensure that the final product design looks and works as intended.