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Software architects lay the foundations for connecting multiple different subsystems in a large software system. They orchestrate large distributed systems — for instance, with microservices — to bring sanity and cohesiveness to constantly changing software systems.

Frequently asked questions
Microservices, or microservices architecture, is an approach to software and website development that breaks down a large project into multiple, independent chunks of code. Each code, called a microservice, gets developed to perform a specific function within the overall software package. Microservices, designed by separate teams, run independently and combine with other microservices to fulfill a larger goal. For example, an e-commerce site includes different functions to manage inventory, product catalogs, customer data, and billing information. With a microservices approach to site development, they would get separately developed and tested before being combined to create the final website. Microservices get compared to “monolithic” software architecture, in which the entire software package gets developed as a single unit.