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Sketchup classes teach you how to bring exciting concepts to life and help you make your ideas visible to the rest of the world. Sketchup training on Udemy covers topics from learning the software basics to grander concepts, such as designs for specific products. With a wide range of Sketchup courses, you can learn to visualize concepts, improve existing models, and draw blueprints for an array of projects.

Frequently asked questions
SketchUp is a 3D-modelling application that helps people design objects, charts, and simple buildings. Released in 2000, the developers behind the software wanted to create a 3D program that was functional, easy to learn, and accessible to everyone. One of the most distinctive features of SketchUp is the patented “Push and Pull” tool, which allows users to easily stretch a 2D shape into a 3D object. SketchUp also includes a large collection of extensions and object libraries for its users. This means that users can download thousands of ready-made models to include in their projects. SketchUp is free for personal use, though there is a Pro version available for commercial applications.