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Sketching is an essential skill for many professions. For example, architects, product designers, and visual artists rely heavily on their skills with drawing and sketching to visualize their ideas. Many people also find drawing to be an enjoyable and satisfying hobby. One of the numerous sketching courses on Udemy can teach you the fundamentals of sketching and help improve your existing drawing skills.

Frequently asked questions
Sketching is one of the most fundamental and essential skills in art. It refers to the quickly drawn lines that create rough outlines of objects. While sketches are typically drawn with a writing instrument like graphite pencils, charcoal, or ink, you can also use painting media like oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Sometimes these works are preliminary sketches for what will be finished drawings or paintings. Other times, they are simply for practice or warming-up before creating another artwork — like in sketchbooks. The technique of sketching is especially useful when learning to draw figures and landscapes. By quickly plotting the shapes and composition, the artist will immediately feel less intimidated when creating a drawing or painting. The beauty of sketching is that it can be used by people with a variety of different artistic skill sets like animators, architects, fashion or product designers, and visual artists at any point during their careers.