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Scrum is an Agile project management framework that eliminates many of the productivity issues associated with group work. Scrum methods provide teams with continuous feedback and visuals to help attain target goals. Break up larger projects into smaller elements and narrower time frames, and enhance daily team communication. Several Scrum training courses are available on Udemy, from the basics to full ScrumMaster certification.

Frequently asked questions
Agile development is one of the most popular approaches for managing development projects, and Scrum is the most popular method of Agile development. The Scrum development framework is lightweight and iterative. The software developed using Scrum is delivered in increments. In each iteration of the Scrum process, a feature or set of features becomes a target for development, testing, and finally release. So with each cycle, the goal is to release a new software version with fewer bugs and more features than the last. Daily Scrum meetings allow the development team to quickly review the previous day's work, bring up any issues they have had with development, and plan the next day’s work. Other events in Scrum improve the development and release process continuously, so the team improves their performance over time.