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The first step in getting your dream job is writing a great resume. Take a resume writing course from Udemy, and learn how to build a professional resume that showcases your skills, education, and experience — and catches the attention of hiring managers. Our range of courses taught by real-world experts will show you how to correctly format a resume. You’ll also learn how to optimize it for particular opportunities, job sites and LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions
A resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) are two documents that job applicants use to secure a job or position. A resume summarizes a job applicant’s data, educational background and training, skills, and professional achievements. The best resumes are customized for a specific position. Resumes also allow job seekers to communicate who they are and why they are uniquely qualified for a particular position. CVs also showcase accomplishments and experience. However, resumes and CVs are distinct. CVs require more information than your typical resume. They focus primarily on academic achievements since they are commonly needed for education, academia, science, and research positions and for applying to grants and fellowships. Because CVs are used for these types of positions, they tend to include more detailed descriptions of publications, presentations, research, and the like.