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Reiki is a method of channeling healing energy through gentle touch. The term comes from the Japanese "rei" which means universal and "ki" which describes the vital life force in all living things. Treatments may promote feelings of peace and wellness. Udemy offers a broad selection of Reiki courses for meditation, chakra cleansing, color therapy, and more.

Frequently asked questions
Reiki proposes a holistic treatment that can stimulate healing. It proposes that everything — inanimate objects and living things — contains energy that creates our world. Reiki practitioners channel this universal life force energy during each Reiki session. In Japan, this energy is called Ki. When combined with the word Rei, which means spiritual, the word Reiki means spiritual energy. Fear and worry can create energy blockages that can lead to physical pain and disease, but Reiki can help the energy flow freely once more. Reiki recipients lay on a massage table or sit in a chair. Some Reiki practitioners send Reiki by placing their hands just above the recipient while others gently touch the skin. Practitioners can also send distance Reiki through meditation and visualization. Reiki can alleviate pain and stress and strengthen the immune system. Five elements make up the Reiki system — the Reiki principles, meditations, hands-on healing, mantras and symbols, and attunements. Reiki continues to be examined