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React training from top rated instructors on Udemy can help you become skilled in using this powerful JavaScript tool. With a React course, you can learn how to create elements that let users update data in real time, create useful interactive components on a webpage, and so much more. Millions have learned to use React with JavaScript on Udemy, and you can too.

Frequently asked questions
React is a front-end library in Javascript that was developed by Facebook. The simplest definition of React is that it is a user interface library used for building UI components for the web. But if that was all React did, it would be little more than a template library. Developers define components in React by using an HTML-like syntax called JSX. These encapsulated components manage their own state, making it simple to pass rich data to a component and keep the state of the application and its components out of the Document Object Model (DOM). These features give React components the ability to react dynamically and efficiently to changes in their state. A set of simple components in React can be composed into either simple single-page applications or large, complex web applications.