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Machine learning and data analysis are big business. The former shows up in new interactive and predictive smartphone technologies, while the latter is changing the way businesses reach customers. Learning R from a top-rated Udemy instructor will give you a leg up in either industry.

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R is the programming language of choice for statistical computing. Machine learning, data visualization, and data analysis projects increasingly rely on R for its built-in functionality and tools. And despite its steep learning curve, R pays to know.

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The R programming language was created specifically for statistical programming. Many find it useful for data handling, cleaning, analysis, and representation. R is also a popular language for data science projects. Much of the data used for data science can be messy and complex. The programming language has features and libraries available geared toward cleaning up unorganized data and making complex data structures easier to handle that can't be found in other languages. It also provides powerful data visualization tools to help data scientists find patterns in large sets of data and present the results in expressive reports. Machine learning is another area where the R language is useful. R gives developers an extensive selection of machine learning libraries that will help them find trends in data and predict future events.