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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of coordinated body movements and breathing patterns understood to holistically bolster the practitioner's spirituality and physical health. Practicing Qi Gong can help relieve stress and strengthen muscle tissue, and also serves as an excellent cross-training exercise for other martial arts.

Frequently asked questions
The ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong is based on philosophies of body movement and balance. Like Tai Chi, Qi Gong is influenced by martial arts thought and tradition. It differs in that it's a holistic wellness method more than a military discipline, approach to conflict resolution, or system of self-defense. In the West, it is sought and taught much in the way that yoga has come to be — as an alternative or supplement to aerobics and gym equipment. Qi Gong movements are designed to move energy through specific channels in the body known as meridians. The practice is also attentive to muscle tissues and organ function, and may therefore assist in recovering from or preventing illness and injury by utilizing breath, meditation, and low-impact movement.