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Psychology is the study of human thought and behavior. Udemy’s broad range of psychology courses includes child psychology, forensic psychology, persuasion psychology, the psychology of addiction, stress and anxiety management, and more. Whether you’re looking to learn for personal development or take accredited certificate courses, we’ve got you covered.

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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior. It represents a broad field that includes aspects of both the natural and social sciences. Psychologists seek to understand conscious and unconscious thought processes and behaviors, in addition to memories, dreams, emotions, perceptions, and beliefs. Conditions related to the mind can be challenging to diagnose and treat, as they seldom result in physical symptoms that can be seen or measured. Many theories of psychology, therefore, get based on observations of human thought patterns and behavior patterns. Within psychology, there are various branches, such as clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, and more.