Learn more about Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

The scrum project management framework helps people, teams, and organizations create solutions to complex issues and get things done. A Professional Scrum Master ensures that the scrum framework is followed and coaches team members through the process. PSM training covers the fundamentals of being a scrum master and can help you prepare for the PSM certification with current content and practice exams.

Frequently asked questions
A Scrum Master stands at the nexus between business, product owner, and an Agile development team. Scrum Masters lead agile teams and are responsible for supporting software projects, providing guidance to software teams, and ensuring that all team members follow Agile software practices. A Professional Scrum Master, or PSM, is a Scrum Master that has had their knowledge of the Scrum process validated with the official assessment by Scrum.org and received the certification. The PSM assessment determines that the applicant can understand and apply the Scrum framework, develop people and teams, manage products using the Agile process, develop and deliver products professionally, and help organizations change their culture to become more agile.