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Pricing is the strategy of evaluating the intrinsic value of a product or service and weighing it against its marketability with your target consumer. A good pricing strategy is vital to the broader scope of any marketing and development plan. Pricing training on Udemy can help you learn the techniques and strategies to successfully set proper costing and entice people to buy your products.

Frequently asked questions
Pricing is the process by which a business establishes the price of the products or services they sell. It means determining the product or service's real and perceived value and comparing that with its supply cost and competitors' prices. It is vital because it determines the profitability of the product or service. It also has a direct bearing on consumer acceptance and the future marketability of the product or service. The wrong price can trigger a series of events that can even lead to the failure of a company or organization. It affects the consumer perception of not just the product or service but also the organization behind it.