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Windows PowerShell is both a shell and scripting language developed by Microsoft. As a shell, the PowerShell program allows you to start, stop, manage, and automate tasks on your computer using a command line rather than with a mouse, icons, and menus. As a scripting language, PowerShell has a unique set of built-in commands and syntax. In addition, you can create, save, and run your own custom PowerShell commands. It’s possible to use PowerShell interactively, that is, typing PowerShell commands one at a time into the PowerShell program. However, most people run PowerShell scripts to make the most of Windows PowerShell. PowerShell scripts are lines of commands that are written into a text file. PowerShell can then run through the scripts and complete tasks automatically. By using Windows PowerShell, people can save a lot of time on complex or repetitive tasks like creating backups and setting up new computers.