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Powershell is a popular and powerful task automation platform from Microsoft that works across PC, MacOS, and Linux systems. Unlike most other shell programs, which only return text, Powershell is capable of returning .NET objects, making it suitable for automating tasks for programs like the Office 365 suite. Udemy offers a wide range of Powershell courses, so you can receive the targeted training you need.

Frequently asked questions
Windows PowerShell is both a shell and scripting language developed by Microsoft. As a shell, the PowerShell program allows you to start, stop, manage, and automate tasks on your computer using a command line rather than with a mouse, icons, and menus. As a scripting language, PowerShell has a unique set of built-in commands and syntax. In addition, you can create, save, and run your own custom PowerShell commands. It’s possible to use PowerShell interactively, that is, typing PowerShell commands one at a time into the PowerShell program. However, most people run PowerShell scripts to make the most of Windows PowerShell. PowerShell scripts are lines of commands that are written into a text file. PowerShell can then run through the scripts and complete tasks automatically. By using Windows PowerShell, people can save a lot of time on complex or repetitive tasks like creating backups and setting up new computers.