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Microsoft PowerPoint is software that lets you create and arrange pages to show in a slideshow style presentation. With PowerPoint, you can add images, modify the page style, and implement several effects to enhance your slideshow. Udemy offers numerous PowerPoint classes to help you learn to create effective, impactful presentations.

Frequently asked questions
As part of the Microsoft Office software suite, PowerPoint is the world's most popular presentation program. Contributing to its widespread use is its availability on PC, Mac, and the web. PowerPoint consists of three major functions: a word processing editor for inserting and formatting text, a method for inserting and manipulating charts and images, and a slide show system for displaying the content. Users can design their own slides or choose from thousands of presentation templates and themes online. Because PowerPoint integrates with the entire Microsoft Office software suite — and some Office alternatives — you can insert parts of documents, graphics, and spreadsheets from other programs within your presentations. The slideshow software also takes into account that these slides typically serve as visual aids during speaker presentations, so you can store and view speaker notes while in presentation mode.