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Udemy offers a comprehensive selection of photography courses for pros and beginners alike. Whether you’re interested in camera tutorials, nature and landscape photography, starting your own wedding photo business, or taking the perfect shot regardless of the subject, we have a course for you.

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The photos we take tell our stories. Photo sharing mobile apps and digital cameras have brought photography out of the dark room and into our daily lives. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, photography teaches us to observe our world with an eye for beauty and light.

Frequently asked questions
Photography is the process of recording light to create an image. It involves using a camera — either digital or film — to accurately capture portraits of people, landscapes, or anything else you can think of. The process of capturing light works by using a lens to project light rays onto a single point. This can be either a roll of film or a digital camera sensor, and when lined up in focus, it preserves the image clearly. Taking a photo is easy these days —all you usually need to do is press the shutter release button, and the camera will do the rest of the work. As a photographer, you’ll need to think about how to compose your image, use lighting to your advantage, use the correct lens for the situation, and tweak the settings on your camera to create stunning photos. These are all things you can learn in Udemy courses.