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Debt, compound interest, estate planning, mutual funds - all of these are personal finance concepts that are confusing and financially damaging if not fully understood. In a world where financial security and money management are becoming more important, it is never too early to start your financial education. Sharpen your financial literacy with a personal finance class on Udemy to help you build your net worth.

Frequently asked questions
Personal finance is the term for individual money management. It encompasses managing your household budget, tracking income vs. expenses, and planning for your financial future through investing, retirement planning, or saving for your child’s education. Personal finance skills help you make your money work for you so that you can maintain — and improve — your quality of living. Personal finance is a term that's broadly used to describe the industry that offers various money-related services to individuals. For example, personal financial advisors assess your current income and spending, help you determine your current and future financial needs, and develop a plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Udemy courses can teach you the skills you need to make the most of your personal finances.