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"Painting" refers to both the action of painting and the finished artwork. Painting is the process of applying paint, or a substance of colored pigments suspended in a binder, to a physical surface called a support. The painter uses brushstrokes or marks to create an image on the support's surface, yielding an artwork called a painting. Types of supports for painting include canvas, paper, wooden boards, walls, vellum, glass, or virtually any surface where paint can adhere. Painting media come in many different types. Some are more well-known, like acrylic, watercolor, pastels, and oil painting, while other painting media may be less popular, like tempera, fresco, gouache, encaustic, or spray paint. The many different styles of painting range from photo-realism to impressionism to pure abstraction. Each of these styles can be used to create a limitless array of subjects like landscape, portraits, emotion, still-life, or allegory.