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Structured query language or SQL, often pronounced sequel, is a computer language used to build databases and to access, view, and manipulate information in data sets that are built on the SQL platform. A certification in Oracle SQL proves proficiency with this database language, and can open up many opportunities.

Frequently asked questions
SQL stands for Structured Query Language—the language developers use to interact with databases to create, read, update, and delete database records and manage other aspects of those databases. ANSI created the standard for SQL. Many database vendors, like Oracle, expand on this standard to create their version of the language. Oracle SQL is compliant with ANSI SQL standards, with features designed specifically for the Oracle database management system. This RDBMS was released as the first commercially available relational database management system in 1977 and holds the top market share worldwide for relational database management systems. Oracle SQL extends the SQL standard with a procedural language PL/SQL and adds the ability to use the Java programming language.