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Take a Microsoft Power Apps training course taught by real-world experts and learn how to create professional mobile and web-based apps — without heavy coding. Now anyone can create powerful apps for their business in a matter of days. Discover how to connect to multiple data sources and scale to any size. Whether you have no technical experience or you’re an advanced developer, Udemy has the right course for you.

Frequently asked questions
Microsoft PowerApps is a low-code application development platform that allows users to create web and mobile-based applications to automate processes within their organizations. It helps standardize all types of data, which can be used to build specific apps. For example, a marketing department can build an app to contain customer data or product inventory, which can then be standardized and funneled across other departments and divisions such as sales, logistics, and human resources. You can integrate it with all major business systems and customer relationship management systems (CRMs), including Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Github, Azure, and Workday. It's also compatible with AI, mixed reality, and analytics platforms for a more comprehensive view of any business.