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Microsoft Access is a highly popular database application that comes standard in the Microsoft Office and Office 365 business software suites. Access is an easy to learn program that enables you to create and manage databases that you can use to access and manipulate the data from within the application or allow it to be accessed by other programs for analysis and interpretation.

Frequently asked questions
Part of the Microsoft 360 suite, Microsoft Access is a database program and information management tool that allows users to store, organize, and manipulate large amounts of data using a relational database, which uses different tables containing data that are interrelated and connected. For example, Microsoft Access can store related information together, such as customer contacts, orders, products, and assigned sales reps in a large organization. It can generate different reports and queries, making it easier to analyze the data. Consider Microsoft Access a more robust version of Microsoft Excel, with the ability to analyze millions of rows of data. You can use Microsoft Access in all different types of applications, ranging from logging medical patient information to retail inventory. It is also an excellent tool to track inventory and sales.