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Distractions are everywhere. Unchecked, they clutter our brain and confuse our thinking. Meditation is the practice of closing out this unnecessary mental chatter so that we are able to work better, focus more clearly, and find serenity.

Frequently asked questions
Meditation is a practice that works directly with the mind and mental faculties and is a feature of many different spiritual and religious traditions. It is an ancient practice universally practiced across many traditions. But still, scholars have trouble defining it since the specifics of technique and intention can vary according to and within traditions. However, meditation is generally used in spiritual or religious practice to calm the mind, bring clarity, and cultivate attention and awareness. Associated mostly with Eastern religious and spiritual traditions such as yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism, meditative and contemplative practices are also found in the Abrahamic religions, Pagan traditions, and spiritual systems indigenous to the Americas. Meditation practices have also been adapted by modern Western culture as a tool for wellness, well-being, and spirituality.