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A machine learning course teaches you the technology and concepts behind predictive text, virtual assistants, and artificial intelligence. You can develop the foundational skills you need to advance to building neural networks and creating more complex functions through the Python and R programming languages. Machine learning training helps you stay ahead of new trends, technologies, and applications in this field.

Frequently asked questions
Machine learning describes systems that make predictions using a model trained on real-world data. For example, let's say we want to build a system that can identify if a cat is in a picture. We first assemble many pictures to train our machine learning model. During this training phase, we feed pictures into the model, along with information around whether they contain a cat. While training, the model learns patterns in the images that are the most closely associated with cats. This model can then use the patterns learned during training to predict whether the new images that it's fed contain a cat. In this particular example, we might use a neural network to learn these patterns, but machine learning can be much simpler than that. Even fitting a line to a set of observed data points, and using that line to make new predictions, counts as a machine learning model.

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