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Linear algebra is the study of linear sets, or equations, and their representations in vector spaces and matrices. Through the study and manipulation of scalars, vectors, matrices, and tensors, linear algebra has applications in fields ranging from machine learning and software engineering to economics. Take a linear algebra online course from Udemy and uplevel your skills, regardless of the next step in your professional or educational career.

Frequently asked questions
Linear algebra is a type of math that deals with a diverse set of topics ranging from vectors and matrices to linear transformations. Many parts of mathematics contain several unsolved problems or an influx of new ideas — linear algebra is not one of them. This type of math has been thoroughly explored and explained. The tools in linear algebra are an important foundation for understanding data. Its theories and techniques include Fourier series, matrix theory, Euclidean vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and linear transformations. Linear algebra forms the building blocks crucial to understanding higher levels of math, such as calculus. Linear algebra builds heavily on Algebra 1 and 2 topics and many topics found in single- and multivariable calculus.