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All major universities with computer science curriculums include a data structures and algorithms course, for good reason. To become a proficient programmer, you must learn algorithmic concepts such as recursion, quicksort, insertion sort, and bubble sort, which heavily rely on data structures such as linked lists, heaps, binary trees, and hash tables. If you are interviewing for any data scientist or software engineering role, knowledge and comfort with these concepts is crucial. Take a data structures and algorithms course in Java on Udemy to upskill your coding knowledge.

Frequently asked questions
Software engineers, computer programmers, and developers at many companies around the world create and use algorithms. Algorithms play a role in all manner of computing and programming, serving critically in data analysis and machine learning. Understanding algorithms is essential to coding as algorithms are steps that can be converted into code using programming languages such as Java or C++. In addition, algorithms impact other industries such as the financial sector. For example, stock traders use algorithms to help make the best decisions when completing traders.