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Interior designers bring life and color to indoor spaces. A course in interior design teaches you the basics of turning a humble room into a showstopper. Learn how to choose color schemes, select and arrange furniture, and accessorize like a pro. Experienced designers can take online interior design classes to find new inspiration for future endeavors. Udemy offers a range of beginning and advanced interior design courses online.

Frequently asked questions
Interior design describes the process of planning layouts for indoor spaces — think homes, workspaces, or public areas — with special consideration to health, function, safety, and ambiance. Because of this, interior designers must understand building codes and structural requirements while having a deep appreciation for textiles, space planning, and complimentary colors. Sometimes, interior design is just one part of a larger renovation project, so collaborating with home and building owners and professionals in the fields of architecture, contracting, construction, textiles, and furniture design is quite common.