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HR analysts compile and research employee data in a company for several purposes. Companies often consult an HR analyst first, from determining worker reliability to implementing employee engagement initiatives. Udemy offers a vast array of HR analytics courses that introduce you to the fundamental concepts or enhance your current human resources skill set.

Frequently asked questions
HR Analytics is the collection and analysis of data related to personnel. The purpose is to improve development outcomes for existing talent and it's also meant to provide a positive experience for all employees. HR Analytics uses a data-driven approach to assessing employee needs. It's used to track the progress of existing HR policies to help human resource managers gauge the effectiveness of current practices. A relatively new approach to human resources management, HR Analytics takes much of the guesswork out of deciding what policies might be effective. Organization leaders gather information and analyze the outcomes to identify necessary steps for improving employee satisfaction and productivity. The outcomes of new implementations can then be analyzed to determine whether they’re working and help guide changes as necessary.