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The Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud-based services designed to help teams collaborate fast and innovate freely. Google Cloud services include intuitive management tools, as well as modular services for machine learning, AI, and data analytics applications.

Frequently asked questions
Released in 2008, the Google Cloud Platform is Google's cloud computing service. Internally, Google uses the Google Cloud for resource-intensive solutions such as Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, and file storage. Businesses, programmers, and hobbyists can use Google Cloud to develop their infrastructure and applications. Google Cloud is a direct competitor to services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It frequently gets used for technology such as data analytics and machine learning. On the Google Cloud, services can be virtualized and deployed with extreme scalability — and services are charged based on the resources used, rather than a flat fee. Several services fall under the Google Cloud platform: computing services, storage, databases, networking, big data, cloud AI, management tools, identity and security tools, IoT technology, and API platforms.