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German is one of the most commonly spoken languages in central Europe. It is the official language of Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and many other nearby countries. German is a rich language, with centuries of culture and history behind it. Online German classes can familiarize you with this historical language, in both its spoken and written form, and teach you many elements of German culture.

Frequently asked questions
Like learning any foreign language, learning German takes practice, patience, and willingness to try something new. There are a few things that German has in common with other world languages. For example, all nouns in German have genders. Learning a new noun in German means learning the word’s gender too. Sometimes, this makes sense — words like “woman,” “boy,” and “queen” have exactly the genders you would expect. But other words like “potato” and “table” have genders too. Like many other world languages, German also uses grammatical cases. An example of a grammatical case is “I” and “me” in English. Finally, people who already know some English may recognize many common German words. Words like “kommen” (to come) and “senden” (to send) are examples. Some German words even come directly from modern English, such as “computer,” “baby,” and “camping.”