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Whether you’re preparing to launch a new career as a private financial analyst, or need a primer on the finer points of financial analysis in certain industries like real estate or credit, Udemy has a top-rated course to help you achieve your goals.

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Financial analysis gives you holistic and in-depth insights into a business’ performance. Financial analysts use ratios and data to prepare financial reports that assess the viability and profitability of an organization based on factors like income and cash flow.

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Financial analysis is what analysts do when they review data and compile reports to determine how a business is performing. Employers and clients rely on analysts to make recommendations to improve their ventures. The analysis can be broad and encompassing all of an organization’s business activities. On the other hand, it might be more selective, with the goal of focusing on a singular aspect, such as a specific project or a budget. Often, the purpose is to determine profitability and also whether an enterprise warrants further investment. When conducted internally, analysis can provide information for the managers or owners of an organization who need to make decisions regarding the future of the enterprise. Externally, analysis can also reveal insights to curious prospective investors.