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Filmmaking, much like films themselves, encompasses lots of subgenres. Filmmakers can be TV producers, Instagram celebrities, or arthouse directors. Each school of filmmaking has its own practices, with some common filmmaking fundamentals found throughout. Udemy has courses to help you master the whole spectrum.

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Good films tend to reflect back honest truths about ourselves and the world we’re living in. With better cameras and a deeper international library of films for reference, the art of filmmaking is advancing every year.

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Filmmaking is the process of creating a film, or an audiovisual work of art that captures the motion of characters, environments, and camera movements in concert with sound — both diegetic (sound from the narrative, such as dialogue and environmental sources) and non-diegetic (such as soundtrack music or narration). A filmmaker's job is to collect those images and sounds using cameras and sound recording devices. In basic terms, the filmmaker creates scenes, captures scenes, then edits the scenes together into a narrative structure. They almost always collect these pieces out of order. Each scene is planned before shooting, down to the camera angles required to construct it. Those individual shots come together to form a scene, scenes stitch together to make a sequence, and individual sequences create the entire narrative. Typically, dozens of people make a film: creatives, production staff, postproduction dept. Understanding the different roles is key to understanding filmmaking.