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VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is the language in which Excel is written and can be used to expand the capability of your own Excel program. It allows you to create macros, miniature programs that automate routine tasks, and simplify complex functions in an Excel spreadsheet. Udemy offers several VBA courses that can teach you the capabilities of this versatile language for Excel.

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VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language that makes it possible to automate tasks in Office Applications. Excel VBA is the version for Microsoft Excel. So if there is a task you do regularly in Excel, you can code and store the steps with VBA. This stored set of steps or instructions is the macro. A macro is like a saved action. Basically, Excel VBA lets you assign the steps, and the macro runs those steps. You can also create a macro by recording steps with Excel's Macro Recorder; you often will use a combination of the two. You can record with Macro Recorder and then add special steps with VBA. You can have more than one macro you create and run. Excel experts use these VBA and macros to do complicated tasks and get the most out of Excel.

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