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Macros are miniature programs written in VBA that allow you to automate any number of tasks in Excel. By speeding up processes, such as creating and maintaining pivot tables and streamlining data and workbook organization, Excel macros training is beneficial to anyone who uses this Microsoft spreadsheet application. Udemy offers several Excel macros courses to help increase your skill level with Excel spreadsheets.

Frequently asked questions
Excel Macros are tools that let you record the steps you take using an Excel spreadsheet and play them back automatically as many times as you want. Excel Macros can save you time because they can automate repetitive tasks. When you record a Macro in Excel, it generates VBA code for you, and this is the code that runs. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. You don't need to be a programmer to record Macros, but you can't do everything by just recording your actions. In some cases, to get the functionality needed, Excel Macros are first created by recording actions. The generated code is then modified to do more than just what recording will do. For example, you could record the actions you do on one row in the Excel spreadsheet and then modify the Macro with VBA code to do the same on every row.