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Want to start drawing for fun or take your craft to the next level? Explore our online drawing classes and learn pencil drawing, figure drawing, cartoon drawing, character drawing for cartoons and anime, illustration, sketching, shading and more. Take an overview course on the fundamentals of drawing or zero in on an area you’d like to improve with a specialized course. We’ve got tons of options to get — and keep — you going.

Frequently asked questions
Drawing is a visual process of using lines to create forms, shapes, and details to represent ideas. In art, drawing is a fundamental discipline practiced with mediums such as pencils, pens, graphite, or a digital stylus on computers. In the field of observational and imaginative painting, a strong understanding of drawing principles is essential before beginning to learn painting. This is due to drawing's strong focus on understanding forms over understanding light. Drawing, much like reading and writing, is a skill anyone can learn. It's comprised of many theories based on concepts such as light, form, and principles behind the visual world. Lines, often considered abstract and not existing in reality, represent edges, or to some extent represent shadows.