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Django is a web application development framework built on Python. Django provides ready made components to handle website management, authentication, file transfers, and more for web applications. This platform creates programs as varied as document management systems, mobile applications, machine learning tools, and much more. Udemy offers a vast selection of Django courses to help increase your app development skills.

Frequently asked questions
Django is a Python-based Web Application Framework that follows the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. As one of the most popular Web Application Frameworks available today, Django has an extensive amount of documentation and extensions available. It is also built primarily for data-driven websites. A non-profit organization and an active community of developers contribute to Django’s platform, which is both open-source and free. The advantages of using Django are rapid development and less code. Django also provides an administrative interface and many bundled components. Websites such as The Washington Times, Instagram, and Nextdoor used Django for development, and employers frequently seek Django developers and Python specialists for web development.