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Digital art is everywhere. Movies, video games, and graphic design projects rely heavily on digital art software as a medium for concept work and visual storytelling. Practicing digital art means applying traditional techniques to software like Photoshop and Procreate.

Frequently asked questions
Digital art refers to any artistic work created with the aid of digital technology. From computer-generated images to video installations, the digital art realm is wide and varied. However, digital art is mostly associated with graphic design and related industries. In them, digital art is often described using the terms “vector” and “pixels.” Vector artwork is a design that can be proportionately enlarged or miniaturized with no loss of quality, like a line drawing or type. On the other hand, a digital photo is made up of pixels – tiny squares of content that make up the larger image. As you enlarge such an image, the overall quantity of pixels decreases — along with the image quality. Professional artists and graphic designers will become familiar with these and other concepts as they learn to incorporate different digital elements seamlessly.