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Data structure is the collection and arrangement of values in either linear (as with an array) or nonlinear (as with a graph) form. An algorithm is computer code that is programmed to solve a problem or apply action to data. Working knowledge of data structures and algorithms is essential to effective programming and development. Udemy offers numerous courses to help improve your use of data structures and algorithms in programs.

Frequently asked questions
Data structures are formats for data type values specifically designed to organize, process, retrieve, and store data. They can range from very basic to extremely complex, but they generally have one purpose: to allow both human users and machines access to organized data with the ability to process or use the data for a specific application. Data structures may be unique to their respective programming language, for example, lists and dictionaries in Python versus arrays and objects in Javascript. Data structures can have various characteristics: linear or nonlinear; homogenous or heterogenous; static or dynamic.