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Data science application is an in-demand skill in many industries worldwide — including finance, transportation, education, manufacturing, human resources, and banking. Explore data science courses with Python, statistics, machine learning, and more to grow your knowledge. Get data science training if you’re into research, statistics, and analytics.

Frequently asked questions
We have more data than ever before. But data alone cannot tell us much about the world around us. We need to interpret the information and discover hidden patterns. This is where data science comes in. Data science uses algorithms to understand raw data. The main difference between data science and traditional data analysis is its focus on prediction. Data science seeks to find patterns in data and use those patterns to predict future data. It draws on machine learning to process large amounts of data, discover patterns, and predict trends. Data science includes preparing, analyzing, and processing data. It draws from many scientific fields, and as a science, it progresses by creating new algorithms to analyze data and validate current methods.