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Whether you want to keep yourself safe while browsing the internet, or brush up on your penetration testing and network security analysis skills, Udemy offers a broad range of cyber security courses taught by top-rated and approachable instructors.

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As more of our data is stored on servers and clouds across the globe, applications of cyber security in our everyday lives have caused an explosion of careers in this field. Security architects are tasked with the responsibility of creating a risk management framework to properly combine encryption, data security, and authentication methods for maximum protection. Network engineers need to be well-versed in IPv6 to mitigate the risks of the new technology. Network administrators must understand how their interconnected devices, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) changes their vulnerability to an attack. Finally, all IT professionals must be committed to educating their companies on how to protect themselves from cybercrime such as social engineering attacks. By taking the right steps, you can protect yourself and your organization from all types of cybercrime. Learn the best cyber security practices and join the fight against malicious hacking.

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Cyber security is the knowledge and practice of keeping information safe on the internet. It can mean keeping your personal information safe when you browse the internet and visit your favorite websites and social media pages. It can also mean companies keeping information safe for their customers when entering personal details or purchasing items on their websites. And it can mean penetration testing and network security analysis to make sure the most valuable types of information stay safe. Cyber Security aims to keep clients and their email and files safe from hackers. Analysts can help clients finding and improving weak spots in their security systems. Cyber security covers the gamut from offering better password protection to keeping nuclear codes safe.