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Customer service is the practice of providing support and information to clients and customers in such a way that they are satisfied that they received the best results possible, whatever issues they come to you with. The quality of customer service can gain you loyal followers to your brand or drive away potential repeat business. Udemy offers a wide selection of customer service classes that can help you to enhance your customer facing skills.

Frequently asked questions
Customer service is the support, assistance, and advice an organization offers before, during, and after purchasing its services or goods. It aims to support customer and client satisfaction leading to new and returning customers, customer referrals, and customer loyalty. Determining what the customer needs, explaining the process of obtaining a good or service, processing orders, supplying the customer with the necessary information and costs associated with a good or service, proactively communicating the timeframe of receiving a good or service, informing customers of changes to an order, managing expectations of customers, answering and transferring customer calls, handling customer concerns and complaints, resolving issues, answering questions, and communicating with customers by social media, email, text, in-person, or phone fall under the realm of customer service.