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Writing is a craft that can be nurtured and developed through the guidance of a good mentor or an experienced instructor. Creative writing is the foundation for novels, poems, and cinema. Creative writing courses can teach you the various elements of creative writing, from plot and character development to harnessing the power of the poet that lives inside each of us. You can find numerous creative writing courses offered on Udemy.

Frequently asked questions
Creative writing refers to the act of writing for art’s sake, rather than having a profession-based purpose like journalism or academic writing. It is where most of the fiction and entertainment-based stories come from. The goal of creative writing is often to be entertaining for readers. As such, it requires a level of organization, storytelling, and creativity to do well. Unlike other forms of writing, creative writing generally has few limitations. Anything and everything can be turned into a creative story, even if it is based on previous historical events. Creative writing is important because it gives people a way to explore ideas in a fun way. It also provides the basis for many other forms of entertainment, which rely on creative writing to generate and organize creative ideas.