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Becoming a successful counselor involves a deep understanding of a number of schools of thought and common mental health issues. Whether you are interested in becoming a drug and alcohol, family, couples, or general counselor, Udemy offers a variety of courses to get you prepared.

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While counseling is obviously a vital element of the healthcare equation for people suffering from mental illness, it’s also an excellent resource for healthy individuals going through change. Counseling helps us to reframe our challenges and to address them with more skillful approaches.

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Counseling is a service that helps people make positive changes to the way they think, feel, and behave so they can work toward and achieve meaningful goals in their lives. During counseling sessions, people can openly share their personal stories, experiences, and problems with licensed counselors, who then work with them to help them establish goals and strategies to meet those goals. Counselors can work with clients to improve their careers, health, education, family lives, relationships, and any other aspects of their lives they feel need improving. Counseling can also address issues that may be affecting one’s well-being, including anger management, stress, trauma, and grief. Some counselors may have one or two specialties, such as substance abuse and addiction, while others have the necessary training and experience to address a wide range of problems.